Superman Comics Fan Reviews “Man of Steel”

I had expected Man of Steel to be amazing. It lived up to my expectations. When I reached home after thoroughly enjoying this Superman movie at the theatres, I could not help but enthuse about it on Facebook straight away. I have seen the movie a couple of times since then and what I said back then still rings true. The following is what I said back then [with editorial corrections and additions].

Man of Steel was was pretty much everything one should be asking for in a Superman movie. As a fan of the better Superman comics, I could scarcely be more happy with this movie adaption.

I am going to post a proper review sometime in the future. So, for now, I will just make a few more brief comments and give you a general overview of what I thought was great about this movie.

At his best, Superman has always been less about some super powerful alien flying around punching things really hard. And more about something much, much better. It has been about someone from another world, someone with the power of a god who does not consider himself morally above humanity. Someone with the power to punch through steel but with an even greater power of moral conviction.

Clark Kent struggles to gain the trust of humanity despite his great power and in doing so prove that he can trust humanity. He must prove that greatness is not an issue of the power to break steel, but the power of one’s conviction, one’s integrity and the courage to do whatever it takes to protect one’s values. This is the true measures of a hero.

Clark’s greatest powers are not those gained from Earths yellow sun, but those that come from within.

Clark’s greatest powers are his heroism, his courage, his conviction, his nobility, his determination to triumph over all odds to protect that which he holds dear.

Despite facing odds and threats that can break even the Man of Steel, if he is to triumph he must prove that his mind and determination are far stronger than even his super-powerful physique.

His father’s ghost tells him that he must be a bridge between Earth and Krypton. How? By showing mankind the best within them and showing them the path to achieving greatness. Krypton leaves its legacy of greatness to Clark. He is a shining symbol of hope for mankind for such a future of greatness.

Krypton is dead and only a handful of living ghosts remain. Yet, Superman must show that despite being the survivor of a lost, dead world, he is the symbol of hope that his father meant for him to be.

Despite knowing his son would have the power of a god on Earth, Clark’s father sent him to Earth. Not to rule, not to consider men a lesser being to dispose of as would his foe General Zod. But to help preserve Krypton’s legacy through humanity. Whom Jor-el considered a worthy race to continue the legacy of his lost world.

Does this Superman live up to these standards? In spades, this Superman is by far the best seen on the big screen and proves just what makes the best Superman comics so great and how Superman should be written in the comics.

This movie proves that Superman is ultimately not about the power to move worlds. It is about the power of true heroism and moral courage.

He is more than the physical savior of humanity. Superman is a symbol and a lesson that power is not inherently to be feared. And that power has the potential to become a great symbol of hope.

He proves that power is only to be feared in the absence of morality. In the hands of those without the wisdom to use it. But in the hands of the best of men, power and the heroism to use it are the stuff of eternal legends!

As I had hoped this movie would be. If you have still not seen it, what are you doing, see it a soon as you can! This is not a mere superhero movie, but a movie about what makes the superhero genre inspiring.

It is a movie for all those moved by the power of symbols and the power of a hero. Ultimately, it is the sort of movie you should all wish to see…

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