About The Romantic Creative

We live by the philosophy that life ought to be and can be full of joy and fulfilment. We live life with the best of our abilities and the best within us. Whatever happens along the way, whatever obstacles we meet or mistakes we make, we want to hold on to this view of life.

We explore themes and things in life that make it wonderful. In spite of obstacles and downfalls, we actively pursue and hold onto a romantic and wondrous sense of life.

In a global culture of apologies by the good for being good, the beautiful for being beautiful, we ruthlessly and unapologetically seek beauty and the achievement of happiness via creativity, productivity, self-esteem and rationality.

Here’s something about the name, “The Romantic Creative”. Let’s keep it simple.

“The” as in the article.

“Romantic” as in the romantic realist.

“Creative” as in the producer, thinker, artist, scientist, inventor and all those others who take a new road, with a new vision. Whether it be the creation of a book,  a game, a symphony, an engine, a philosophical thought, a recipe, a shirt, a building. There’s just too many creatives in the world to list them all! But you get the idea already.

About Ash


Hello, I’m Ash, a writer and painter, learning everything else in between aiming to make a living pursuing my passions. This hasn’t happened yet, but I joyfully struggle on.

I create art, whether visual or literary, in the style of romantic realism, capturing the beauty of the world and life around me as seen through my own imagination and sense of life.

‘The method of romantic realism is to make life more beautiful and interesting than it actually is, yet give it all the reality, and even a more convincing reality than that of our everyday existence.’ (Rand)  To portray life ‘as it could be and should be’.

I was convinced that I wanted to be a novelist after I read Ayn Rand’s fiction! Her philosophy is what solidified my sense of life, giving it an objective foundation. She called this sense of life the “Benevolent Universe Premise”.

Are we writers by day, superhero flying brains by night? Perhaps… Is this sentence as awkward to read as it was to write? Perhaps…


I founded The Romantic Creative to serve as an author platform for my upcoming fiction. However, it has now become a collaborative blogging platform between my husband and I. And a launch platform for whichever books we choose to launch on The Romantic Creative.

Thanks to my husband, Dwayne for being my co-author, tech guy, amongst many other things and more importantly, my muse! This platform would have been stranded without you.

About Dwayne


Hello, I’m Dwayne, a philosopher, writer, comics nerd, game developer and the designated tech guy.

I read a lot of fantasy and comics (mostly Batman). Like my wife, I like to nerd out about the sci-fi and fantasy genre and am also an introvert. I also need my “fortress of solitude” but other times I have lots to say.

Some of my favorite fiction is the Sword of Truth and other Terry Goodkind series, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams. I am also a huge fan of Ayn Rand’s fiction. I am a huge Doctor Who fan and have seen or heard (you cannot watch the missing Doctor Who episodes) almost every single version of Classic Doctor Who.

We may seem like super nerds with superhero complexes 😉 but we do talk about other things. So, stick around!